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DRYK is a new series of premium plant based drinks.
  • DRYK
  • Dyrehavevej 5
  • 4672 Klippinge
  • Denmark

At Dryk we develop our products in close cooperation with leading food manufacturers, who take pride in providing the best quality. Therefore, we can offer you a wide range of plant-based drinks of a high, uniform quality that tastes exceptionally well.

Dryk are plant-based drinks of particularly good quality – and the good taste proves it.

Dryk has a clean, creamy taste that is not dominated by too much sweetness. The vast majority of other plant-based drinks consist of boiled-down plant-based syrup, which is subsequently diluted with water. That’s not how we work. All our products are created from good plant-based raw materials that are pressed to ensure that the natural amount of sugar is preserved at a low and tasty level. At the same time, the method ensures that a large amount of protein is preserved in the drink.

Use the creamy Dryk types in your coffee, for breakfast or drink them with your food. You can also boil, bake, or blend them for everything that you used cow’s milk for earlier. Enjoy.