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Let us promote the export of your Danish food

Food from Denmark is a consulting company whose primary mission is to promote the export of Danish food. Therefore, our slogan is: We create the framework for the export of Danish food. We do this using several export promotion activities: we organize participation in international food fairs for our customers, prepare export strategies and offer consulting. Finally, we have established a membership of Food from Denmark.

Food from Denmark was founded in 2005 by Karsten Nielsen, who at that time had worked with export of Danish food for 10 years. Karsten is still the driving force in the company and has over 20 years of experience through exports of Danish food. Karsten has participated in over 150 different international food fairs – from Chicago to Shanghai.

Our customers are mainly small and medium-sized Danish food producers who want to gain international visibility and meet foreign buyers and offer Danish quality food abroad. Our customers’ primary targets for international export markets are retail, food service and industry.

If you are
a buyer

Are you a buyer looking for a special kind of products? Under ‘Danish products’ you find an overview of almost 200 different Danish food suppliers which you can sort by product categories.
Are you unsure what supplier meets your needs in the best way? You are always welcome to contact us at We are sure we can point you in the right direction, so you can find the products you are looking for.

Customer statements

Participating in fairs organized by Food from Denmark is a good experience. That’s what our customers say. You get a plug-and-play solution where all you have to do is meet up and put your products on the shelves. We got you covered with all the small stuff that you might forget if you were exhibiting on your own to ensure your experience is smooth sailings. What’s more, you become part of a network of other Danish food suppliers that are more than willing to share their export experiences.


To be the preferred partner to brand Danish food producers globally.


To offer activities that promote the export of Danish food. To provide quality over quantity. To offer first class service that can be measured in tangible results such as increased revenue. We focus on innovation, collaboration and dialogue with our customers.


Good business acumen, honesty, energy and industriousness.


The Danish Food Network (DFN) consists of experienced Danish non-competing food companies. We meet approximately 4 times a year to exchange knowledge and experiences. For each meeting an export topic is selected and discussed. The focal point is always the specific challenges the companies have e.g., with a specific export market. The members help set the agenda and contributes with cases. We also invite various guest speakers to shed light on different topics.

Current members:

  • Atria Danmark
  • Crispy Food International
  • Dan Cake
  • Danæg
  • Gumlink Confectionary Company
  • Planets Pride
  • Kathrine Andersen Chokolade
  • Danpo

  • Østerberg Foods
  • Jens Møller Products
  • Kelsen Group
  • Orkla Confectionary & Snacks
  • Orkla Foods
  • Peter Larsen Kaffe
  • Royal Greenland
  • Humlum 
  • Naturli

Do you want to become a part of Danish Food Network?


Determining your export strategy

Do you want to export your products, but you are unsure how to get started? Start with an export strategy. Your export strategy must be visionary and at the same time rooted in the organization as the common goal the employees are working towards on a daily basis. The strategy is the foundation from which export workers can excel, which ultimately leads to greater revenue for your company.

Do you want help with determining your export strategy? At Food from Denmark, we have extensive experience with export strategies and always delivers a well-thought-out and visionary strategy.

Individual counseling

Do you already have the strategy but you’re unsure what actions will help you reach your goals?
We have 10 years of experience with selling Danish food to international customers, and we know what issues arise when working with export. We are very practical in our approach, always adapting the solutions to the individual customer’s needs. We focus on specific sales leads, start-up of sales and knowledge databases, relevant market information, etc.

Export promotions at international fairs

Do you want to get to know your international customers? The best way to get to know someone is by meeting them. At an international fair you get the chance to do just that. As part of an export promotion through Food from Denmark you also get the safety of our extensive experience with coordinating and implementing export promotions for Danish food suppliers. You also get the benefit of:

  • Limited administration
  • Becoming part of a network of knowledge and exchange experiences with the other participating companies
  • Great visibility in the export market and the trade fair e.g., through our marketing material
  • Cost minimization

8-42 companies participate at each of our export promotions.

Is there an export project missing for the market you are interested in? Get in touch with us! If there are several customers who are interested in the same export market, we will submit a project proposal.

Dissemination of board members

Is your company’s board missing a board member with export experience? Through Food from Denmark’s large network, we mediate board positions.

A board member with relevant export experience can be essential for your company to get the right export strategy and reach its full export potential. The board member we match with your company brings updated knowledge and are not “sleeping partners”. They are often present at export meetings and thus provide great sparring to your company’s export employees.

Food from Denmark is responsible for analyzing your company’s needs, finding the right personal profile and having them placed on your company’s board.