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Passion for coffee since 1902

Manufacturing coffee for more than a century, we regard ourselves coffee specialists in every aspect of the word.
  • Peter Larsen Kaffe A/S
  • Ærøvej 15-17
  • 8800 Viborg
  • Denmark

Peter Larsens Kaffe A/S – “Passion for coffee since 1902”. Manufacturing coffee for more than a century, we regard ourselves coffee specialists in every aspect of the word. Today, we are a member of The Lofbergs Lila Group. Together we are one of the largest coffee roasters in the Nordic region.

Our products are intimately linked to Scandinavia and Scandinavian culture and traditions, but we also have extensive export to The Nordic countries, United Kingdom, Poland, The Baltic’s and Eastern Europe.

Private Label

Peter Larsens Kaffe A/S is a leading manufacturer within Private label. We offer products of high quality, no matter whether the requirements are for mainstream-, premium-, or exclusive product concepts. Modern processing equipment and technology guarantees products of very high quality.

We buy the beans directly from all major producer countries and have specialized in importing and processing raw materials from selected regions and estates around the world. In Viborg, we have also built a modern factory specialising in specialty coffees and roasting of selected qualities in smaller batches.

Sustainable Coffee Growth

We strive to protect the environment and improve the conditions in coffee producing areas. The Lofbergs Lila Group is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of organic and certified coffee and we are one of the founders of International Coffee Partners (ICP), working with different projects in coffee producing countries. Our aim is to support social and environmental sustainability in coffee farming, resulting in a better life for farming people.

You’ll benefit from our experience

We continuously seek to develop new product concepts and create new packaging solutions, meeting consumer demands for innovative, efficient and safe products. Our manufacturing sites and – facilities fully comply with these demands. Our production is flexible and we are able to offer a wide range of packaging solutions. Through our presence in various European markets, we have also gained experience in designing tailor-made logistic solutions.