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Juice for cocktails and gastronomy

Cold-pressed and organic juice as an ingredient.
  • BarDjus
  • Rundageren 4
  • 2640 Hedehusene
  • Denmark

BARDJUS is a Danish niche company that produces 100% natural and organic cold-pressed juice for cocktails and gastronomy. We select the best fruits according to the season and squeeze them gently to avoid bitterness from the peel. The freshly squeezed juice is untreated, double filtered and bottled directly. We squeeze the fruit gently and make smaller but frequent batches. This means that the quality of our freshly squeezed juice is extremely high every time. By filtering the freshly squeezed juice twice, resulting in less pulp and a cleaner juice

BARDJUS´S cold-pressed juice is developed and adapted for cocktails and gastronomy in collaboration with professionals. Our juice is used as the secret ingredient for both the beverage and food industries. We have customers using it for cocktails, ice-cream beer, lemonade, soft drink, sirup, marinade and a lot more. We are offering a convenient juice, for small and large manufacturers, retail and wholesale. We are proud supplier to the Danish and Scandinavian championships in Cocktails.

Customers choose BARDJUS as a natural ingredient that has flavors of the season’s best ingredients – all year.
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We do not use additives or pasteurize the freshly squeezed juice which also gives a short shelf life on the freshly squeezed juice. Instead, we were first movers in freezing the juice without compromising on quality. The shelf life of frozen juice increased from 7 days to 12 months. Our frozen juice makes both purchasing and logistics easier for our customers.


  • Lime juice organic and conventional
  • Lemon juice organic and conventional
  • Ginger juice organic
  • Pink grape juice organic