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Kimber Foods

Highend available & affordable
  • Kimber Foods ApS
  • Jellingvej 5
  • 9230 Svenstrup J
  • Denmark

Kimber Foods was established on 1st April 2018, with Esben Nielsen and Mette Svanberg setting up a common business. Kimber Foods is focused on business with retail-chains both in Scandinavia and abroad. The portfolio consists of healthy products of high quality such as tea, a line of brand new snacks in an attractive design and much more.

Kimber Foods in its’ present form holds 50 years of experience in food trading, with both partners having worked initially in Emborg Foods (foodstuff-trading worldwide), where they came to appreciate the diversity and excitement of importing and exporting foodstuffs to the whole world.

Food products has gained a new status and importance in recent years and quality is increasingly of importance. People seek longer and healthier lives, so the type of food we consume has become more of a subject. This is where Kimber Foods enters the stage – we want to deal in high quality products offering healthy choices and excellent taste, whilst maintaining fair and affordable prices.

Transparency and consumers being aware of what they buy is important to us, wherefore we maintain high quality standards for both ourselves and our suppliers. Both goods and production facilities are being monitored before becoming a part of the portfolio.

For more than 25 years we have both worked with international partners and have come to appreciate the insight it offers into different cultures and overseas countries. Thus focus is on continuously offering new and exciting products to our clients, and we look forward to introducing more items in the coming year.