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Randers Bryghus A/S

About us
  • Randers Bryghus A/S
  • Langelandsvej 4D
  • 8940 Randers SV
  • Denmark

Randers Bryghus was established in 2007 based on a desire that local quality beer should once again be produced in Randers, under the motto “Randers has got its own beer, again”. The brewery was built as a fully equipped and very flexible production brewery, with a low brewing volume and a focus on good craftsmanship. The first beers were launched in 2008, initially with a focus on well-known beer types such as pilsner, classic, etc., as well as a relaunch of the iconic Buur Øl, which is a Randers phenomenon with a long and well-known history dating back to 1417. Later they followed more special and powerful beers such as Midnight Oil, it achieved a prestigious position in the competition for Danish Beer Novelty of the Year in 2009. The range is of course continuously maintained and over the years we have marketed over 100 different beers.

Since the beginning, the brewery has developed. The brewing volume has been increased from 1000 to 2000 litres, with the option of “half brewing”. The total capacity has been expanded over the years from approx. 1000 HL to 3,500 HL today. Today, we are considered one of the Nordics’ most flexible craft breweries of our size.

The ideals are unchanged: authentic, unfiltered, unpasteurized and artisanal beer. Made with the quality, edge and soul that can only be found in a real microbrewery without the use of automation. We brew with the best ingredients and quality has our constant attention. The recipes are continually fine-tuned and every detail is meticulous, from raw material composition to mashing and boiling to fermentation, storage and bottling. Our large tank capacity also allows ample time for the beer to develop naturally