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Cold pressed fruit juices based solely on nature’s own qualities

Our ambition is to produce premium fruit juices  with an honest taste of nature’s own ingredients. And we can supply the vast majority of juices on request.
  • Orskov Foods A/S
  • Hammesbrovej 12
  • 5883 Oure
  • Denmark

About Orskov Foods
Our company originates from two family-owned companies. One is the original Ørbæk Mosteri. A juice factory tucked away on winding East Funen roads – located between cornfields, villages and manors on the northernmost outskirts of the city of Ørbæk. Since the beginning of 1938, we have done our utmost to make the most delicious juices in the world – based solely on nature’s own qualities.

Our juices
We make cold pressed juices. Our ambition is to produce quality products with an honest taste of natural ingredients only. Our juices contains fruit and berries. Nothing else. This provides an incomparable authentic taste.

The apple of our eye
Our journey started with a Danish apple. Our juice factory was established to make cold pressed apple juice from apples in nearby gardens and orchards. To prolong the shelf life of the apples and not waste good ingredients. And we still do this. Our apple juice is made from apples in our own, Funen orchards, other Danish orchards and from private Danish gardens. Coldpressing the apples provides a fulbodied juice, where taste and flavour is preserved – to the great delight of he or she who taste our juice.

One stop shop or help to part of your journey?
At Orskov Foods, we can deliver exactly the solution that suits you and your needs. We have the entire value chain in-house; from handling raw materials, pressing and storage on tank or frost to bottling in cartons, PET or glass bottles in many different sizes. We offer you the total solution or part of it – depending on your needs. Our facilities in Ørbæk, are more than capable of handling contract filling of private labels and branded products. We can develop the product together with you or tap according to your recipe. And we also supply the food industry with our high quality juices.

Selection of fruit juices:
We have access to a large selection of raw materials and can supply the vast majority of juices on request. Below is a selection of our most popular juices:

  • Apple juice
  • Ginger juice
  • Blackberry juice
  • Rhubarb juice
  • Currant juice
  • Blackcurrant juice
  • Strawberry juice
  • Raspberry juice
  • Gooseberry juice
  • Passion fruit juice
  • Lime juice
  • Lemon juice
  • Blueberry juice
  • Turmeric juice
  • Aronia juice
  • Elderflower extract
  • Birch juice
  • Orange juice