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Borngros is a local trading company selling high quality food products from several small producers on Bornholm, a small Danish island way out in the Baltic Sea.
  • Borngros
  • Store Torvegade 103
  • 3700 Rønne
  • Denmark

Our range of products include:

  • Crispy 27 layered crackers, both organic and non-organic, various flavours. The bakery was founded in 1855 and is now run by 5th and 6th generation of master-bakers.
  • Cold pressed rapeseed oil made from husked seeds, natural and with various flavors. As our rape seed oil is made from husked seeds, it has a very elegant taste.
  • Mustard made from local grown seeds, natural and with various flavors. High quality mustard with unique taste and texture.
  • Organic juice, various flavours. Organic juice in cardboard cans. The producer values his social responsibility as half the workforce suffer from various conditions.
  • Organic flour, various sorts. Local produced high quality flour since 1920.
  • Smoked sea salt. French sea salt smoked in a butcher’s oven for several hours. Fantastic taste and flavour.
  • Spirits, various sorts. Traditional Danish and local spirits.
  • Pasta, various flavours. High quality dried pasta made with egg and local grown durum.
  • Traditional marinated herrings. Herrings marinated and matured according to local tradition.

Our main business is Danish supermarket chains, food service and export (Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Germany).
Private label is possible with some of our producers.