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We have a broadly assortment of different quality chocolates which covers all kinds of chocolate needs.
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The history of Kathrine Andersen Chokolade can be traced back to the year of 1898, which implies that we are proud of being the oldest chocolate manufacturer. The company was founded by the young entrepreneur, Kathrine Andersen, in her apartment located in the heart of Aarhus. Kathrine Andersen began the journey in her own living room, where she produced handcrafted quality chocolates based on excellent tastes and Danish artisanal traditions, which are still the fulcrum for the company today. Since our chocolates are handcrafted every single of them is unique and has its own charm. The good craftmanship can be recognized by the crackly and shiny finish and the pure taste of chocolate.

We have a broadly assortment of different quality chocolates which covers all kinds of chocolate needs. However, it is important for us that the chocolates are consistent with the company’s traditional DNA and therefore the artisanal traditions are imbedded in everything we do. Even though we are a traditional company we still want to follow the newest trends within the art of chocolate. Therefore, our assortment is continuously developed. Enjoy different sorts of chocolates including filled chocolates, also known as petit fours, chocolate bars and chocolate snacks. Furthermore, we have a specific assortment for occasions such as Easter and Christmas filled with traditional Danish treatments for the feast. However, the assortment for these occasions is also continuously being developed both in order to fulfill chocolate-lovers needs and to challenge ourselves and the art of chocolate.

Our vision is that everything is possible, and therefore there is not a problem or task which cannot be solved. Do you have a specific need, or do you just want a customized solution – just contact us, we would love to help you.

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