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Wine beyond comparison

“Good wine is made in the Orchard” and “the pursuit of the ultimate cherry wine” are key concepts for Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin.
  • Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin A/S
  • Frederiksdalsvej 30
  • 4912 Harpelunde
  • Denmark

About us
Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin A/S was established as a winery 12 year ago, by CEO Harald Krabbe, The Chef Jan Friis Mikkelsen and Journalist Morten Brink Iwersen. Together, the three men have developed new methods for production of cherry wine, which many wine reviewers have hailed as a breakthrough for Danish wine production. And today there is a total of 44 hectares of Stevnsbær cherries at Frederiksdal.

The location of Frederiksdal on Lolland’s westernmost tip, right next to the Langeland Strait, is ideal for cherry production. The climate is perfect. The sun is reflected in the sea. Winter is mild and spring comes early. This all contributes to a long growing season, resulting in great the taste and complexity of the cherries. Only the small, black Danish Stevnsbær cherry, referred to by fruit experts as the Nordic grape, is used in the wine production. The berries themselves are not suitable for eating, but they are, in turn, excellent for wine production. Stevnsbær cherries are found in several parts of Northern Europe, but the Danish berries are the very best.

Our products
“Good wine is made in the Orchard” and “the pursuit of the ultimate cherry wine” are key concepts for Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin. No one has ever fermented cherries like this, no one has been chasing the genetic best cherry in terms of taste for wine production, and no one has built a winery combining techniques from Bordeaux, Banyules, and Burgundy with wine ageing in Cognac, Port, red wine and Grand Marnier barriques. Everything is put into play on the quest for a taste in the wine that when enjoyed gives the feeling of angel wings. Ageing and maturation gives very different taste in the 7 different types of wine which are beyond comparison.

In order to control traceability Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin A/S is Global Gap certified and only using our own Stevnsbær cherries from our 44 ha of orchards to make sure the quality is right.