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Premium organic juice from MORMORS

Smagisk is your preffered partner when it comes to DANISH produced water with logo made from 100% reusable plastic.
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We have collected a delicious selection of DANISH organic products with a flavour and smell, which we remember from our grandmothers kitchen garden.

We have recently introduced a new, powerful element, which combines the best from different breeders. It is called MORMORS – above from being the cherry on the top on a nice table it adds an extra flavour dimension. They come in three different flavours, all produced in Denmark with organic raw material:


The elderflower is a popular bestseller due to its pleasant flavour of sun and summer. It is perfect by itself on a hot summer day or together with a light lunch, brunch, desserts and in drinks.


A klima+ product, appealing to the new Nordic kitchen. It is, among other ingredients, made from winerhubarb, which gives a fresh, sour-sweet taste. It goes well with a light lunch, fish, and dessert.


The blackcurrant are farmed by organic and biodynamic principles. The berry has a characteristic flavour that originates from hundreds of natural aromas. It goes well with meat, cheese, desserts, sorbet and drinks.

Apple cider

Sensual taste of this year’s harvest! From my early childhood, I remember how my grandmother pressed apples from their orchard in Vejle in the autumn. Here, the apples were pressed into an applesauce with an apple flavor and then filled into bottles with patent stoppers. MORMORS organic applesauce is good and old-fashioned in taste. Where you get TASTY freshness with vitamins. All our raw materials are organic and Danish from Funen and are produced in Mosten in Denmark.

There are several thousand named varieties of apple – 750 different varieties grow on the potato farm in Tåstrup alone. A total of 400 different natural flavors and fragrances have been identified in apples. The composition of the flavors varies from variety to variety, climate and soil type. There can even be a difference in taste, depending on how old the tree is, where on the tree the apple has sat and where on the apple you take a bite. Use: MORMORS organic applesauce is drunk for brunch, lunch or just because. The fresh, sour nuances come out best when served cool, while the sweetness and flavor of ripe apples from Funen come out when served at a slightly higher temperature.