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Hirtshals Røgeri

We stand on the shoulders of a years-long tradition


In Hirtshals, we have a long tradition of smoking fish, partly as a preservation method, but also as a refinement of the fish. At our smokehouse, we take great pride in standing on the “shoulders” of this tradition – but we also have a responsibility to renew, interpret and pass on this tradition.

Hot-smoked products have a firmer consistency and the taste is fuller than the cold-smoked varieties. This is due to the effect of the heat that occurs during the process. Hot smoking takes place at around 70°C and takes 2-3 hours. These products are also handmade.

Cold smoking is the traditional form of smoking that gives a more complex flavor than hot smoking.

When the fish is cold smoked, it is first dry-salted for approximately 4 to 5 hours before smoking. The dry salting is the most intense form of salting, which emphasizes the taste and ensures a firm consistency.

The fish is dried and cold-smoked over beech chips until it is done. The temperature during smoking never exceeds 25° C. This gentle form of smoking emphasizes the fine smoke flavor.

Food service

Hirtshal’s smoked products are also available for foodservice, e.g. packed in 2 kg trays folder.