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Fresh and frozen fish supplier in Denmark

We aim to provide our customers with fish products of high quality, primarily salmon, cod and saithe, at very competitive prices together with our high standard of experience.
  • Prime Ocean A/S
  • Røgerivej 2
  • 9990 Skagen
  • Denmark

Your trustworthy partner with focus on quality
Prime Ocean is one of the largest importer in Europe of fresh cod from FAO27. Salmon is also imported in larger volumes from mainly Norway and the Faroe Islands. Most of our saithe are bought in Denmark. We are offering both fresh and frozen high-quality products. Hand trimmed products are our specialty. As a customer, you can look forward to having a committed supplier.

Prime ocean team
Prime Ocean has a small but effective team in sales, purchase, accounting and QA, with many years of experience in the business. In our factories we have many skilled employees ready to create a fish product fitted your needs. Today we count approximately 150 employees in total.

Logistically we are placed in the center for fish coming from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Our factories are situated at Skagen harbor close to the sea. This means that from early morning we have fresh fish coming directly from the auctions on the coast and just a few hours later the fish can be on its way to customers all over Europe.
The fish is being handled and transported carefully in order to keep the quality