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Quality since 1915

Officer is the main distributor of canned cod liver from Iceland, and are shareholders in two factories based there.
  • Officer A/S
  • Hovedgaden 22
  • 2970 Hørsholm
  • Denmark

The History of Officer

Officer was founded in 1915, and we have ever since been focusing on production and distribution of high quality canned seafood. It all started with activities in Denmark, producing in the Danish island of Bornholm, and later expanded our activities to Iceland. In 2019 we sold the Danish activities, and directed our full focus to the Icelandic operations and other niche activities.

Today Officer is the main distributer of canned codliver from Iceland, where we are shareholder in 2 factories located in Iceland. The product range is smoked codliver, and non-smoked codliver, as well as a value-added range of codliver with different flavors and ingredients. Other than codliver, we also produce a delicious codliver paté and soft codroe’s. We are distributing the canned seafood products all around the world, with a very large part with in privatelabels belonging to the biggest brands within in the product segment.

In 2020 Officer acquired production company based in Chiang Mai, Thailand in a joint venture with existing partners, and formed the company Lanna Fruit. In Thailand we produce only organic exotic fruits, ranging from Pineapple, Mango, Dragonfruit, Passionfruit, Mangosteen, Ginger, Turmeric to Lychee. Products are mainly produced as bulk, and distributed to producers in both EU and US. Besides the bulk products, we also produce and distribute Organic Pineapple in glass jars, produced under private labels and sold to retail chains throughout US.

In 2021 a new segment of Petfood was added to our activities in Iceland. Through an acquisition and further investments in facilities and production equipment, we now produce and distribute human-grade quality wetfood packed in pouches for both cats and dogs in privatelabel sold across most of the world.

Our sales office is based in Hoersholm, in close distance of Copenhagen.