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Argo seafood

With an accumulated experience of 30 years, Argo Seafood A/S was founded late 2018 by Peter Hviid Nielsen, Michael Lyng Frederiksen and Michael Lose Burgaard. Working together, as supplier and customer for the last 10 years in various seafood constellations, it was time to bring together the full set of expertise and make a reliable distributing service based on the close relationship with our trusted suppliers.
  • Argo Seafood
  • Bådebrogade 2
  • 6700 Esbjerg
  • Denmark

Our passion is through personal advice and high service, to serve you the seafood you look for and gain your trust to work with us. Being able to offer a wide range of seafood products within a short span of time, our company has earned for itself an industry wide reputation

We serve minor and major clients, foodservice chains, International Hotels, Catering companies, Restaurants and Supermarkets.