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Royal Nyborg Smokehouse

Dry aged, cold smoked salmon from RNS really is something out of the ordinary, thanks to my innovative dry aging technic AND a Himalayan salt brick wall.

  • Royal Nyborg Smokehouse
  • Lundsager 10
  • 5540 Ullerslev
  • Denmark

It is packed with umami like no other smoked salmon and the texture is butter-like, melting in your mouth. I make sure the smoke is subtle so it never takes over the delicious, pure taste of salmon.

It is sophisticated simplicity that can be enjoyed in so many ways. Dry Aged, cold smoked salmon deserves more than just a rugbrød and has proven its place in the gourmet Michelin kitchen as well as in yours at home.

I, chef John Taylor left being chef in world renowned restaurants to focus on this one product and to develop a truly unique technic, that would lift smoked salmon to the heights of caviar, truffle and likewise.

I have always believed and was taught that if you start with the best ingredients then things can only get better. This is why I choose to work with the best quality salmon you can get your hands on. My salmon comes from land-based salmon farms, locally placed here in Denmark. Like myself, they strive on using sustainable solutions and making sure the salmon is brought up in a natural way. The salmon is not supercharged with growth-hormones, is not overfed, it does not swim in chemicals and does not grow up containing worms like seen in sea-farmed salmon.

No, the salmon I use is a happy salmon that has led a good life, with lots of space, clean waters and passionate people for caretakers. And yes, you can taste it!

By using the best quality salmon, my salmon contains; less fat, less grease, more and firmer meat, a pure taste and a salmon that embraces the smoke in a delicate and sophisticated manner. All these qualities make the perfect canvas for me to work on in my unique, handcrafted technique.

Dry ageing the salmon is a truly unique process, I invented here in the Smokehouse in Nyborg. It is best described as magical and you have to taste it to believe it. The texture is butter-like but yet so much meatier than any old regular cold smoked salmon. A surprisingly rich umami taste springs from the subtle, spicy smoke. With this characteristic, the RNS salmon truly does belong in the world of gourmet – not just on Danish “smørrebrød”.

RNS salmon has already found its way to the Michelin kitchen and by Paul Cunningham’s own words; “this is the best salmon, I have ever tasted”, the dry aged salmon has come to stay! Now my mission is to introduce RNS salmon to the humble kitchens at home, to give people a sense of sophisticated simplicity. You don’t need much else when you are working with a good quality product – a slice of bread and you have a meal! No need to spend hours upon hours joggling difficult techniques with hundreds of ingredients – be surprised be the sophisticated simplicity.

Though proud, I am a humble artisan with salmon as my canvas. I strive to develop unique technics, tastes and textures that will put salmon on top of the gourmet world. My journey starts here in Denmark with an old and strong tradition for cold smoked salmon, but in five years you will find Dry Aged cold smoked salmon from Royal Nyborg Smokehouse in every Foodies fridge around the world.