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Hirtshals Seafood

Old fashioned aged herring
  • Hirtshals Seafood
  • Østergade 56
  • 9850 Hirtshals
  • Denmark


Hirtshal’s herring is matured in the traditional old-fashioned way where salt was used to preserve meat and fish.

When the herring is brought to shore, the head is cut of and the rest of the fresh fish, is then placed in a barrel of salt. If it is an old-fashioned matured seasoned herring, spices and sugar are also added. The guts that are still in the herring contain enzymes that cause the fish to mature.

The barrels are contained in a cold storage facility while the maturing takes place and after 6 months, they are ready for filleting. The fillets are put back in the brine and the barrel is put back into cold storage and is ready to be finished. Depending on the nature of the fresh product and the storage temperature in the cold store, the raw product can last a very long time.

In the following process the brine is drained off and then packed in glass together with spices and a brine that gives the product its final taste.

Basically, the old-fashioned matured herring has a softer texture and is darker than a vinegar-aged herring.

Food service
Hirtshals Herring is also available for food service packed in 2 kg and 6 kg buckets.