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Our innovative world of eggs

Since our foundation in 1980, we have worked with eggs in innovative and creative ways.
  • DAVA Foods
  • Glerupvej 5
  • 9560 Hadsund
  • Denmark

An innovative world of eggs
Innovation and product development are keywords in the description of DAVA Foods. Since our foundation in 1980, we have worked with eggs in innovative and creative ways. To us, an egg is so much more than just an egg – it has many facets. We continuously aim to challenge the egg’s facets – pushing the envelope – with respect to ourselves, our customers and the market, thinking along new lines and turning the egg category a little upside down.

Organic products
Organic egg production has progressed far beyond the shell eggs that were the original focus of the organic consumer trend. These days, consumers and industries demand a much wider range of organic egg products, including bottled egg whites, yolks and whole eggs.

At DAVA Foods we have contributed greatly to increasing the percentage of organically farmed chickens and hens in our local markets.

Protein – whitePRO™
whitePRO™ is pure egg whites. The product has been heat treated to be shelf stable at room temperature. No additives or preservatives – just egg whites! whitePRO™ is easy to use as a supplement in smoothies, shakes, cooking, baking, omeletts, wraps and pancakes.

  • Pure egg whites
  • High level of protein: 10.5 g protein per 100 g egg white
  • Completely free from preservatives or additives
  • Fat-, lactose- and sugar-free
  • Odourless and neutral taste flavour
  • Liquid consistency and does not coagulate
  • Unopened: store at room temperature
  • Opened: Store refrigerated for a maximum of 14 days.

Protein is important for all people regardless of age and gender. Protein is, however, especially important for some people such as athletes, children, elderly and people, who wishes permanent weight loss.

Food safety
Danish eggs are subject to strict and intensive salmonella and quality controls, which ensures that Danish eggs are among the safest in the world. As an example, Danish egg producers must submit samples for salmonella testing every other week – the EU requirement is every 15 weeks. At DAVA Foods, we take food safety seriously and go further: we subject our egg producers to weekly salmonella testing. At the same time, we are in close dialogue and cooperation with all our manufacturers to ensure quality throughout the entire value chain – from hatching and breeding, through to egg production and logistics.

Farm to table
One of the cornerstones of DAVA Foods’ business is our “Farm to Table” concept that sets high standards for quality, food safety, production and animal welfare. Our tight control system assures quality throughout all stages of the production process and value chain.

DAVA Foods has built and implemented an HACCP-based quality management system applicable to all our breeders and egg producers. The quality system ensures the production of eggs in terms of quality, food safety, production conditions and animal welfare. The system has been developed in collaboration with egg producers and is continuously evaluated and improved.

Animal welfare
The hens’ welfare is another important aspect of our concept. If their welfare does not meet both our and our customers’ expectations, action plans and follow-ups will be initiated at the individual producer. In addition, a special welfare screening has been introduced in organic egg production. All in all, DAVA Foods is intensively focused on food safety and everything this implies.