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Midsona Danmark A/S

We offer plantbased & healthy concepts including Dried Fruits and Berries, Nuts, Kernels & Organic Spices, Legumes, Spreds, Muesli and Rice Cakes
  • Midsona Danmark A/S
  • Klostermarken 20
  • 9550 Mariager
  • Denmark

In close collaboration with our customers, we deliver tailor-made product and concept solutions with strong go to market plans – from packaging design, portfolio management to in-store execution, merchandising and promotions.

Value proposition

  • Experts in plantbased and healthy concepts
  • Nordic market leader
  • New product development competence
  • Proactive approach to developing private label assortments
  • Category, trade and consumer insights
  • Top delivery service
  • Careful quality control
  • Certifications

Organic Spices, Legumes, Spreads, Muesli & Rice Cakes
In Mariager in Denmark, we have been producing organic products for more than 40 years. Organic food is a real matter of the heart for us and since 1972 we have seen organic as a sustainable solution to the worlds climate problems. Our production in Mariager was the first organic production to be ISO 14001 environmentally certified and we work daily to reduce our production waste in the development of new organic and sustainable products.

Dried Fruits and Berries, Nuts & Kernels
Just outside the city of Aarhus in Denmark we have our own in-house roastery production line where we are experts in dry roasting nuts and kernels to perfection. First, we salt the products after which they are gently roasted at low temperatures which gives the nuts and kernels a perfect crunch and a light salted taste. Dry roasting imply that we do not add any oil in the roasting of the products, but bring out the nutty flavours naturally. After roasting the products, we either mix in accordance to special developed recipes or we pack them directly into different types of bags e.g. pillow bags, Four Corner Bags or Doy Packs.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
We care for the quality of our products. From the way they are grown, harvested and handled to the way European consumers enjoy the products. Our Code of Conduct defines the standards we follow and expect from our partners. The Code adheres to the principles of the UN Global Compact. We constantly seek to improve our social responsibility.

We care for the environment and are constantly working to do better. Our green passion is reflected in the way we are handling waste and our effort to integrate recycled packaging just as well as we promote fuel-efficient driving. We promote a green lifestyle to consumers as a healthier and more sustainable choice which has a reduced CO2 impact generally.