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DANÆG Products A/S is the leading Danish producers of pasteurized egg products for the industry, food service and retail market.
  • Danæg Products A/S
  • Maglegårdsvej 13
  • 4000 Roskilde
  • Denmark

DANÆG was founded on 25 February, 1895 under the name of Dansk Andels Ægexport, primarily in order to co-ordinate egg, but also to improve and control the quality of eggs to Great Britain. Later on exports increased to include Germany, the Middle East, Venezuela and other countries. For a period of time, Dansk Andels Ægexport was one of the biggest egg exporting companies in the world.

In 1962 DANÆG began producing and selling processed egg products. The first thing developed was liquid pasteurised egg products, and in 1973 the most well-known success was launched: the Longegg, which still after 30 years is a unique product.

Industry: DANÆG Products A/S offers a wide range of pasteurized egg products to the food industry. Standard products like whole egg, egg yolks and egg whites or products tailored to specific customer needs.

Food service / catering: DANÆG Products A/S is the preferred supplier, to the Danish food service and catering market, of chilled and frozen pasteurized and cooked egg products. The assortment also includes a wide range of convenience products such as pancakes, omelettes, scrambled egg etc.

Retail: To the retail market we offer a range of pasteurized egg products in retail packaging.

Quality and safety
Customers and authorities are making still greater demands on DANÆG Products A/S to be able to prove quality and safety in our products and on the way in which the production is managed.

At intervals we are inspected by customers and authorities, who ensure that we meet the strict demands on hygiene and production. To comply with these demands, we manage our production according to HACCP principles. HACCP is an internationally recognised method of identification and management of especially critical processes in production, which are significant to the health-related safety of the finished product.

Before the finished goods are released for sale extensive microbiological, chemical, physical and taste tests are made by our laboratory. This control proves to us that the production has proceeded as laid down in our HACCP-plan and the goods are safe and free from pathogenic bacteria.


DANÆG Products A/S employs around 100 people, have an export share of approx. 50% with two processing factories in Denmark and one in Hungary.