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Thise Dairy

The story of Thise Dairy

  • Thise Dairy
  • Sundsørevej 62
  • 7870 Roslev
  • Denmark


The dairy is located approximately 20 kilometers north of Skive in the north-west part of Denmark. The small village is called Thise and consists of about 100 houses, a church, a community center, a school and a grocery shop.

Then we have the dairy. A whitewashed building with the gable facing the main street, behind which the modern production facilities are situated. Next to the dairy, also facing the street, is a
large grazing cow – the symbol of the dairy. A big, rusty and charming iron cow with a swinging udder. Thise Dairy and Jenny – the name of the cow – are the perfect couple.

The dairy was originally build in 1887, and within the structure of the old buildings Thise Dairy was founded in 1988 by 7 organic pioneers and a visionary dairy owner.



300.000 liters of organic milk –  that is how much milk, Thise Dairy’s 11.000
dairy cows produce a day.

Thise Dairy’s 5 tank lorries makes sure, the milk is picked up from the 72 dairy farmers daily and brought directly to the dairy. Here the dairymen start processing the raw milk into the many products in Thise Dairy’s wide assortment. After processing, refrigerated lorries bring out the milk, cultured dairy products, cheese and butter to warehouses and wholesalers across the country.