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Uhhmami brings taste to the table

  • Uhhmami ApS
  • Tjørnegårdsvej 31
  • 4000 Roskilde
  • Denmark

Pioneered by Michelin-star chef Frank Lantz, Uhhmami is a vegan brand that transforms classic dishes we all know and love into yummy, plant-based alternatives.

Uhhmami isn’t all about imitating the elements of meat-based flavours but rather reinventing them to create brand new tastes using fresh, organic and cruelty-free ingredients.

The overall mission? To move society away from the over-consumption of animal-derived products that are harmful to both the planet and its living creatures (humans included!)

All the products can be used privately, in restaurants, food service and in food production.

All varieties are

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Clean Label
  • GMO-free
  • Color-Free
  • No allergens
  • Low fat

Premium and clean quality

We’re paving the way toward a plant-based lifestyle. Here’s why you should join us on our journey:

  • For your health. Plant-based diets are linked to a lower risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and cancer. They may also boost heart health and promote weight loss.
  • For the animals. Going vegan lowers the demand for meat, dairy and eggs, which dramatically reduces animal suffering on factory farms around the world.
  • For the environment. Switching to a plant-based regimen can help fight climate change since rearing livestock substantially contributes to global warming.

Discover the Plant-Based Revolution

With our extra-tasty seasoning blends, anyone can be a chef.
Seeking some culinary inspiration? Add to your recipe repertoire with mouthwatering plant-based dishes — crafted exclusively for you by an award-winning chef.

About Us

We’re revolutionising plant-based dishes one flavour at a time.
Hi there. You’ve probably landed here because you’re a fellow foodie like us. The chances are that you’re also vegan or perhaps looking to adopt a plant-based diet. Or maybe you’re just in search of ways to up your culinary game. Whatever the reason, we’re glad you’re here.

Developed in Denmark, the concept of Uhhmami was born when food entrepreneur Frank Lantz decided to go vegan. As a former Michelin-star chef, he wanted to create innovative yet familiar flavours that matched the taste and quality of some of his signature dishes.

Classic flavours infused with innovation.
With a dash of creativity, a sprinkle of expertise and an immeasurable amount of passion — he cooked up a recipe for success. Deconstructing the classic components of his former dishes, he was able to reinvent these flavours as new and improved plant-based alternatives. As a result, Uhhmami manifested itself as a unique range of organic, plant-based flavourings and broths.

We’re paving the way towards a plant-based lifestyle.
The driving force behind the brand is to encourage us to move towards a meat-free future, as well as leave behind the reliance on animal-derived products. Not only would this have tremendously positive effects on our health, but it would also contribute to a happier planet. Uhhmami demonstrates that plant-based doesn’t mean bland and boring – quite the opposite.