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It’s simple: Organic cold-pressed juice

Frankly means being honest, and that’s exactly what our mission is about – To be transparent in our products towards the consumer.
  • Frankly Juice
  • Midtager 39
  • 2605 Brøndby
  • Denmark

We want to be an inspiration to both private persons and companies, in order to think sustainability into their lifes, by being an alternative Robin Hood, that takes from the nature and gives back to the nature. Cradle to cradle.

Our products
Our products is a range of danish produced, organic coldpressed juices, shots and waters – all made from fresh seasonable fruits and vegetables from Aarstiderne. Only coldpressed and produced daily, without any kind of treatment or additives – and therefore contains maximum of natural nutrients, tastes and colors.

All fibers and leftovers from juice production is being used in both innovative product development as well as compost for organic fields in Denmark.

So if a juice should ever be considered healthy and sustainable, we think that our products might be the best choice.