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Rundt om vin

Malene’s Gløgg is designed to curate these special moments.
  • Rundt om vin
  • Trørødvej 43
  • 2950 Vedbæk
  • Denmark

Denmark experiences four seasons every year, each with its unique characteristics. In spring and summer, people enjoy outdoor living, barbecuing, and garden parties, while fall and winter call for indoor activities as the weather and temperature shift. It’s a time for gathering with friends and family around the table, enjoying the shift in gastronomy, and creating moments of hygge.

From October to March, hot spiced wine in the glass is enjoyed on its own, with food, or with the traditional æbleskiver, a type of pancake puff. Since 2012, our founder Malene Smidt Hertz, a cellar master and sommelier, has crafted four different mulled wines. Malene’s Gløgg is ready to go with or without alcohol because everyone is invited to join in the moments of hygge.

Careful attention has been paid to the harmony and balance of taste, and a wide range of flavors are in use. We also believe in drinking less but better, whether warm or cold. For those who are not fans of sweet things, we have developed recipes for snacks to go.

Moreover, we believe that the eye eats before the mouth, and packaging plays a crucial role in creating the right impression. As a producer, we see it as our obligation to use only natural and/or certified organic ingredients. Our packaging is based on recycled material, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Malene’s Gløgg is more than just a drink. It’s a curated experience designed to bring people together and create moments of hygge, whether it’s hot spiced wine, snacks to go, or simply enjoying the warmth of the company. Join us in our mission to drink less but better, and to savor every moment of life’s journey.

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