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A Trusted Danish Producer of High-Quality Vegetable-Based Specialty Food Products
  • Cervera
  • Ribevej 102
  • 6630 Rødding
  • Denmark

Since 1916, Cervera has been a trusted Danish company specializing in the production of high-quality vegetable-based specialty food products. With over 200 SKUs, our diverse product line caters to various preferences, ranging from smaller retail-sized packaging to industry packaging of 1000-liter containers.

Crafted with care, our assortment includes pickled vegetables, ketchup, candied ginger, soft drinks (with and without sugar), vegan-friendly Worcestershire sauce, relish, jams without added sugar, béarnaise essence, olives, capers, mustards, and sauces. We take pride in offering a comprehensive selection of 100% vegetable-based products.

Our purpose-built production facilities are designed to handler small to large batches, front hundred to several thousand units per day. This flexibility enables us to scale production after proof of concept, making us an ideal partner for new business ventures.

As a leading producer of fine-food specialties, we are actively seeking partners in neighboring countries to distribute and market our exceptional products. Our assortment is available in all major supermarkets, ensuring widespread accessibility, and we also cater to the foodservice segment, delivering excellence to restaurants and cafes.

Certified with IFS and organic certifications, we prioritize food safety, quality, and sustainability. Our commitment to these standards ensures confidence in our products and processes.

Preserving local jobs and traditions, we remain independent and dedicated to delivering exceptional products and customer satisfaction.