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Toms Gruppen A/S

At Toms Confectionery Group, we produce all of our chocolate products from the finest raw ingredients.
  • Toms Gruppen A/S
  • Toms Allé 1
  • 2750 Ballerup
  • Denmark

Toms Confectionery Group’s history dates back to 1884, when Denmark’s first chocolate factory, Anthon Berg, was established. Since the beginning, we have been innovating products
and consolidating our position until we now stand as the largest candy supplier in Denmark and one of the major players in Scandinavia and England. We have a brand for everyone—from brands that rub shoulders with the world’s finest dessert chocolates to brands that capitalize on kids’ penchant for crazy names, like candy called Sewer Sludge. We produce all kinds of high quality confectionery products, mainly under our own brands, but we also offer to produce several types of private label products.

At Toms Confectionery Group, we produce all of our chocolate products from the finest raw ingredients. Since we produce our own chocolate, caramel, marzipan and other semi-finished products, we have full control over the production process. Our in-house quality control laboratory ensures high and consistent quality. Producing products from scratch gives us flexibility in creating new recipes. Those lucky enough to be escorted into our development laboratory can see how much experimenting (and taste testing) it takes to create a hit. Our production facilities are BRC certified, and we comply with the highest quality requirements from customers as well as consumers.

Our Partners
Our success as a confectionery company depends on enduring, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. That is why we focus on developing quality products and delivering them according to our agreements. Then you can have success bringing them to market. We are proud of our good reputation among supermarkets and chain stores for our service and delivery. Toms Confectionery Group welcomes your orders for all types of sugar confectionery and chocolate products. Our strong development laboratory will be part of the team for developing exactly the products you and your customers are looking for. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, samples and prices.