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The Protein Kitchen

We want to fuel and support your body with health every single day.
  • The Protein Kitchen
  • Møllemoseparken 175
  • 3450 Allerød
  • Denmark

We wish to make it easy for everyone to live a healthier lifestyle, by bringing you a simple and healthy easy-to go concept, serving you HONEST, HEALTHY, FRESH MEALS, SNACKS, BARS & SHAKES TO-GO. The Protein Kitchen is for everyone.

Our FOOD concept consist of various delicious, healthy dishes made with good, pure ingredients with no artificals. We believe that the body must be nourished with all the best protein-, carb- and fat sources – fibers and vitamins to function properly.

Our healthy FOOD can be enjoyed with no guilt – It is all clean food, what you see, is what you get. We want our food to make you full, fill your body and mind with energy and vitality, and to keep your immune system strong and your digestion healthy and metabolism burning.

Health is not a strict diet! Health is a choice – a good choice. Health is a lifestyle. Health is to create inner peace and balance in our body and soul.