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Our pastry – our passion

As the first Danish company, Mette Munk A/S began to produce deep-frozen Authentic Danish Pastry in 1961.
  • Mette Munk A/S
  • Göteborggade 3-5
  • 5000 Odense C
  • Denmark

Authentic Danish Pastry

As the first Danish company, Mette Munk A/S began to produce deep-frozen Authentic Danish Pastry in 1961. Since then, we have continuously worked on creating the best Authentic Danish Pastry possible, and today we are able to present a wide range of Authentic Danish Pastry – from the well-known and traditional to the new and exciting! Innovation is the foundation of all our work and the new line of REAL FRUIT as a clear example of this.

REAL FRUIT pastries

REAL FRUIT is developed by Mette Munk A/S and is a unique concept where the fruit fillings of our pastries are not traditional cooked jam. REAL FRUIT is a natural, fresh and delicious fruit filling made by stirring the fresh fruits and berries with sugar – no added colouring, no added aromas and no modified starch. When you bake off and taste a REAL FRUIT pastry from Mette Munk you can both see, smell and taste the difference!

Premium Quality

At Mette Munk A/S we use the highest quality of ingredients and follow stringent quality control procedures known as the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) to ensure the satisfaction of customers and consumers.

Furthermore, we are certified and have obtained “Grade A+” in accordance with the BRC Global Standard for Food. We are also RSPO (Roundtable on sustainable palm oil) certified to the supply chain module SG segregated. Naturally all our products are produced according to the unique Danish legislation prohibiting more than 2% trans fat in processed food products. Furthermore all our products are made with Free Range eggs only.


Over the years, our production facilities have been enlarged and modernised and today Mette Munk A/S holds one of the world’s most advanced pastry production facilities, delicately combining state-of-the-art technology with the more than 150 year old Danish craft baker traditions, that gave name to the pastry world-wide. We offer a wide selection of Authentic Danish Pastry. Our assortment includes both mini Danish Pastry products and large Authentic Danish Pastries – several flavours available.


Mette Munk A/S is situated in the city of Odense, in the middle of Denmark and exports Authentic Danish Pastry world-wide.