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Crispy Food muesli products are among the most delicious and healthy types of muesli available on the market.
  • Crispy Food
  • Blommeskoven 2
  • 4281 Goerlev
  • Denmark

Our muesli products have been developed in close collaboration with some of the largest international dairies, cereal producers and retail customers. These comprise some of Crispy Food’s most important collaborative partners. The taste and nutritional content of our muesli products are tailored to meet the wishes of the customer so that the product and market can be in perfect harmony.

Both tasty and irresistibly crunchy, our muesli products have been developed in a variety of ways, resulting in types of muesli which are: muesli rich in fibre, muesli rich in fruit, low fat muesli, organic muesli and muesli specially developed for baking.

Crispy Food is also a well-established private label partner for many of the large international supermarket chains. With our high production capacity, flexibility of production, delivery guarantee and not least our unique ability to create products to meet the demands of various markets, we have become a natural choice as a private label producer. We are able to develop new, exciting products to meet the requirements of the marketplace.