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Original danish pastry and bread

Danish pastry and bread has a reputation for being the best in the world – and with good reason.
  • Kohberg Bakery Group A/S
  • Kernesvinget
  • 6392 Bolderslev
  • Denmark

At Kohberg, we are dedicated to bring the taste of Denmark to the rest of the world, with our decades of experience in baking Danish pastry and bread.

The largest Danish-owned craftsman bakery – with proud traditions
Kohberg Bakery Group is a Danish, family-owned business which specialises in fresh and frozen bakery products. Kohberg Bakery Group is the largest traditional bakery in Denmark and was established in 1969.

We know our craft from start to finish through the entire baking process, and have been doing it for generations. With our wide range of pastry and bread, we can cover all your bakery needs. With our passion for bread we give you great flavours and make the bread experience easy for you and your customers.

At Kohberg, we follow both market and cooking trends closely and constantly develop new varieties of bread and new solutions to match your kitchen’s needs.

Quality in your business
All raw ingredients are grown naturally with environmentally friendly methods to ensure that our products are free from straw shorteners and filtration agents. We work every day to improve the environment – and you can taste it! Kohberg Bakery Group provides a foundation for you to offer some of the world’s best pastry and bread to your customers.

Kohberg Bakery Group is a strong and reliable partner. We are an experienced private label manufacturer, and would like to welcome your orders for fresh and frozen bread for retail and frozen bake-off products for the HORECA market.

Our aim is to bake bread that builds more business for our partners by providing quality products and solutions that make everyday life easier and more efficient. We bake for your kitchen!

Kohberg Bakery Group is all about:

  • Proud traditions of craftmanship
  • Danish recipes produced in Denmark
  • Delivering solutions and partnerships
  • Products with easiness and effectiveness
  • A passionate team
  • We bake for your kitchen