We specialize in salmon trading

Serpia Salmon ApS is a trading company specializing in buying and selling of fresh Norwegian salmon (Salmo Salar), head-on gutted.
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Serpia Salmon ApS was established in 2008 by Pia, who has 20 years of industry experience.

The prices of fresh salmon often fluctuate, and in order to be both in touch with the market and competitive we have chosen to focus primarily on salmon.

Serpia Salmon was recent years Global Gap certified and is thereby able to offer Global Gap certified salmon to customers requesting this.

We enjoy a close cooperation with Norwegian farmers and exporters, and we usually book direct transport ourselves, so we can track each transport all the way to the customer.


Serpia Salmon values service and loyalty and takes pride in tracking each customer’s shipment to make sure, that everything is delivered on time.

In case of any delays we will contact the customer in a timely manner. Serpia Salmon is open 24/7, and we always maintain a close dialogue with customers and suppliers to deliver the best possible customer service, regarding both shipments and market developments.

For Pia, kindness and loyalty is essential to maintaining a long-term relationship with customers and suppliers.

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