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Nordic Fish Sauce

An excellent seasoning for meat and fish dishes

First-class Fish Sauce
NORDIC FISH SAUCE produces a first-class fish sauce from
sprat from the cold Danish waters.

Our raw material consists of quality sprat that are hand-picked
when they are at their best, namely in the cold winter months.

We use fermentation/old-fashioned maturation, and therefore
the finished fish sauce consists exclusively of fish and salt and
is without additives of any kind.

The use of the mild sprat gives a more versatile product that
can be used as a flavour enhancer in Asian dishes and in other
good dishes from the whole world.

Unique Taste and aroma from Denmark
NORDIC FISH SAUCE brings both depth, flavour and natural
umami to e.g. marinades, dressings and wok dishes.

Fish sauce is typically associated with Asian cuisine, but it can
also be used with great success for sautéed vegetables,
sauces and barbecue dishes – the range of possibilities is

The fish sauce adds a nice umami, which highlights the good
taste in the food. It brings the taste experience to a new and
higher level.

From a MSC-Certified Sustainable Fishery
By only using MSC certified sprat, we ensure sustainable
fishing, minimize environmental impact and ensure efficient
fisheries management.

The entire production takes place in Denmark and is subject to
control by the Danish Food Administration during the entire