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Lehnsgaard Bornholms Oliemølle

At Lehnsgaard | Bornholm’s Oil Mill we produce cold pressed rapeseed oil from shelled rape.
  • Lehnsgaard Bornholms Oliemølle
  • Lykkesvej 11B
  • 3720 Aakirkeby
  • Denmark

We extract the rapeseed oil by cold pressing, which is a more gentle method than hot pressing. We produce in a high quality with a mild rounded taste and beautiful golden color. The rapeseed oil is available in many flavors.

The yellow rape fields and the aroma summer on Bornholm. Golden oil from millions of rapeseeds. On Bornholm, nature offers many experiences that can liven up the table when we dine. Cold-pressed rapeseed germ oil from Lehnsgaard is such an experience and is “the olive oil of the north” – a virgin oil that deserves much greater attention in our kitchen. Rapeseed germ oil has a naturally high content of omega 3. The balance between omega 3 and 6 make the oil one of the healthiest cooking oils on the market.

Bornholm is surrounded by the Baltic Sea, where fresh air and more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in Denmark create a perfect climate for the cultivation of rape. A mild spring and a sunny summer are ideal for rapeseed and you can taste that in the finished and pressed rapeseed germ oil.

Cultivated and processed on Bornholm – Bornholm is simply one large pantry.