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You will undoubtedly enjoy the taste of the North Sea and find the quality of this cold smoked salmons to be exceptional.
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About Fanø Laks

The company operates under the motto: never compromise on quality. Therefore the company runs an unusually tight quality control and management of the products, from the time the fish are hoisted on board the fishing boats, to the smoking process and packaging. As a result there has never been any customer complaint. All finished products are traceable through a batch number system. This quality control ensures a first class experience every time for all customers. You will undoubtedly enjoy the taste of the North Sea and find the quality of this cold smoked salmons to be exceptional.

We do it differently

The process of making cold smoked salmon requires patience, knowledge, and specialized equipment. Preparing and smoking this delicacy takes time, but properly done, it’s worth the wait. For company owner Henning Rasmussen, smoking salmon is not just a livelihood, it’s a way of life. He has spent the past 15 years refining his smoking methods.

The small family owned company Fanø Laks is unique within the industry, beacause the products are smoked in a specifically designed stone chamber at its own facility, located on the island of Fanø by the North Sea. This location allows it to benefit from the fresh North Sea air in the smoking process.

Our products

Original Fanø Salmon is a quality product for the discerning customer who values quality and taste in mind. Fanø Salmon has a very nice color and a super delicious texture that makes it almost melts on the tongue and puts full focus on your taste buds.

  • Coldsmoked Fanø Salmon, whole side 1,0-1,8 kg.
  • Coldsmoked Fanø Salmon, 200 gr.
  • Coldsmoked Fanø Salmon, 100 gr.

Exchange’s Food Price

Fanø Salmon has received a diploma in the Exchange’s Food Price 2010-2011 for superb taste and quality of ingredients. Gastronomy editor Ole Troelsø puts it:

“The product is very delicate. The balance between smoke and salt is perfect, and the consistency is almost indescribably delicious, at once firm and simultaneously tender in an interaction which is quite unique”


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