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Ekko Fisk A/S

Ekko Fisk A/S is a well-reputed company with years of experience in the fish-processing industry.
  • Ekko Fisk A/S
  • Bådebrogade 2
  • 6700 Esbjerg
  • Denmark

About Ekko Fish A/S

The company, which was established in 1978, moved to new reconditioned production premises at Bådebrogade 2 in 2017. Their main activity is manual filleting of salmon, without injection or use of additives during production. After filleting, the fillets are vacuum-packed and frozen. In addition to salmon filleting, we also produce portions of fish and fishery products.

We produce bags/crates/bulks to wholesalers as well as private label products to retailers.

Ekko Fisk A/S has obtained HACCP certification as well as IFS/MSC and Kosher for Passover certification.