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Exclusive chocolate

With all of Europe as its “playground”, bon coca P/S is working hard in the effort of being a significant serious business partner within production and sales of confectionary with a constantly growing export footprint.
  • bon coca P/S
  • Birkedam 20
  • 6000 Kolding
  • Denmark

bon coca P/S is the result of the merger of Coca Luxury Chocolate A/S and Blaavand Bolcher A/S.

The company is based centrally in Denmark, in a brand new headquarter in Kolding.
The main production is taking place at IFS-certified production facilities in Poland.

Constantly striving to present innovative initiatives, bon coca P/S holds its position within the
core business: Production of hardboiled candy, lollypops, liquorice and chocolate covered liquorice.
A long with this bon coca P/S is being a major player within advertising candies of all kind and gift
boxes with carefully selected exclusive specialties.

bon coca does private label in large scale and present its own trademarks with professional pride:

  • Black Liquorice
  • Lakritol
  • COCA Luxury Chocolate
  • Super Salty Blackout
  • bon coca lollies
  • Fusion Bullets

– and an extremely interesting and innovative pipeline coming up.