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ELIZA CHOKOLADE – be surprised!

You already know the classic filled delicacy. You also know the popular chocolate liquorice balls. But we can still surprise you.
  • Eliza Chokolade
  • Jens Juuls Vej 40
  • 8260 Viby J
  • Denmark

We can still surprise you:

  • With new taste experiences – for example, a liquid core of liquorice or tonka caramel
  • With our uncompromising quality: Real cocoa butter, real cream, natural fruit purées
  • With affordable prices that belie the very high quality of the goods

We set new standards in chocolate!

Our power of innovation

Eliza’s innovation department and production are run by passionate chocolate experts with immerse curiosity, creativity, and professional know-how.

We have full control over the entire value chain – from product development and ingredient selection to production and packaging. Our flexible production includes both craftsmanship and advanced technology.

An excellent example of our power of innovation:

Chocolate-covered dessert balls with a filling – our innovative signature range

  • Combines two complicated techniques (moulding and coating)
  • Surprising flavour combinations and new types of filling
  • Beautiful and exciting new colours and textures

Elizabeth’s legacy

Eliza’s history dates back to 1936, when Elizabeth Petersen founded her elegant chocolate shop with her own production on Åboulevarden in Aarhus, Denmark.

Elizabeth made her popular chocolates here according to her own recipes, and always with the finest quality ingredients.

An experience in the shop

The shop was full of delicious, filled delicacies, chocolate, and marzipan bars.

The delicacies were individually selected, Elizabeth placed them in a box, and the customers left with their purchases in beautiful, monogramed bags, which even then signalled uncompromising quality.

The continuation of a life’s work

It is the same principles of craftsmanship and quality that we build on at Eliza today – just on a much larger scale.

Today’s Eliza Chokolade is 100% owned by: KAKES

A small, agile chocolate factory with huge purchasing power behind it