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Good food – better mood

Once upon a time a young butcher…
  • Atria Danmark
  • Langmarksvej 1
  • 8700 Horsens
  • Denmark

3-Stjernet was founded in 1950 by Aage Jensen. He was a skilled young butcher and had a particular interest in Salami production. The success was immediate as the Danish consumers enjoyed the high quality salami with the specific fresh saline taste. Today we are the market leader in Denmark for cold cuts with a brand awareness on 95 %..

Further to the acquisition of Aalbæk Specialiteter in 2015 our company name has changed to Atria Danmark A/S under which 3-Stjernet, as well as Aalbæk Specialiteter, are continued as brands.

Dedicated to food safety and Quality

  • State of the art fully automated production equipment in purpose built
    production facilities
  • ISO 9001 approved since 1994
  • HACCP System
  • FSSC 22001 certified since 2011.
  • CNCA approved in 2014.
  • Organic certified in 2015.

Every corner of the world is our goal for…

  • Vacuum packed Salami and Pepperoni sticks ( 170g to 2,5 kg )
  • Meat Snacks
  • Sliced Salami and Pepperoni in retail and FS packs
  • Slicing sticks in variable calibers

Atria Danmark as a partner

We are aiming to be your innovative and inspiring supplier sensing the future trends and demand with high quality products tailored to each customer’s specific requirements.