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Webinar: Content video production and effective sharing on LinkedIn

The webinar will be held in collaboration with two different experts. Rasmus Tolstrup is a videographer and will talk about how you can easily produce video content for your social media. Tonny Mikkelsen is a LinkedIn expert and will focus more on how you can effectively integrate video and the other format types in your posts to capture and retain your target audience’s attention, as well as strategies for using external links and different post formats to maximize your reach and generate more likes, views, and clicks.

Webinar: Packaging trends, inspire you with ideas for products and seduce you to get the innovation motor in your company running!

Winston Churchill once said: If you don’t take change by the hand, it will take you by the throat

There is one thing the pandemic made us aware of and that is that the only constant is that nothing is constant!

Although we were looking forward to a “new normal”, we soon came to realize that from now on we are living in a “never normal”

Even innovation and re-inventing products happen in a different pace and on a different momentum than before!

Therefor the implications on the innovation cycles are huge; where we were used to wait with innovation until revenue declined and on a moment that fitted our agenda, we now have to constantly innovate and transform ourselves, our companies and products into a futureproof version.

Due to economic uncertainties and even more due to changes in consumer behavior patterns, also the world of private label is rapidly evolving! Once started as a price conscious alternative it is now a complete brand with all possibilities attached.

As our innovation guide, Loe Limpens will take us on a journey for which he explored the world and distilled everything happening into major events.

He then used his unique talent to trendslate these events into food trends and products.

Loe will show you packaging trends, inspire you with ideas for products and seduce you to get the innovation motor in your company running!

Acting from his impressive background in private label products and designs, he can take us on an exploration of the universe of brands and private label and leave us with a clear way to go!

Best illustrated by one of his favorite statements:
What is now proven was once imagined!