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Design – quality – taste

Nordic Roast is specialized in Chai latte instant drinks.
  • Nordic Roast
  • Vingårds Allé 18
  • 2900 Hellerup
  • Denmark

About Nordic Roast
Nordic Roast is specialized in Chai latte instant drinks.
We where founded in 2018 and are focusing on providing a quality product with great design and taste, at a competitive price.
We are present with our Chai latte range in Scandinavia and Benelux and will expand further throughout Europe and Asia.

Like millions of others, we love Chai Latte and think it makes a great and delicious alternative to classic tea and coffee.

Our focus
The combination of high quality, great taste and stylish design has made our product a success. Young women in particular have taken to the product, and we are continuously developing more flavours as the range grows in popularity.

We are very proud of the quality of our products and the design of our packaging. We see this as the key to our success and our continued growth going forward.

All of our Chai Latte products are ready for use and easy to prepare. They taste great both hot and cold, or as part of an exciting blend with other drinks. Find inspiration from one of our recipes on homepage or get creative and come up with your very own variations.

Private Label
We also offer to develop, design and produce individual/private label chai products for customers that matches their needs. This give our customers the opportunity to optimise their business with the right selection of products on their shelves.