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Jensens Foods A/S


  • Jensens Foods A/S
  • Energivej 5-11
  • 7600 Struer
  • Denmark

At Jensens Foods, our aim is to develop and produce market-leading products for our customers.

The dishes are based on quality ingredients and exciting recipes, inspired by the dining experience you get at Jensens Bøfhus. In many of our products, the ingredients are identical to those used at Jensens Bøfhus. At the same time, it is our ambition for our products to be easy to access and prepare. Delicious, easy, and simple.

The product groups are as follows:

  • Spareribs (sous vide or pre-cooked)
  • Sous vide products, pulled pork, etc.
  • Burger patties
  • Stews
  • Sauces
  • Dressings and marinades
  • Rice pudding
  • Risotto
  • Hot wings
  • Meat cuts – steaks and roasts

All produced with great expertise in modern facilities within our 8,400 sqm production premises in Struer.

Our customers are primarily retail customers, but starting this year, we have also become a supplier to the foodservice market. This is, however, under the sub-brand Gomami. Our ambition is to be as well represented in the foodservice market as we are in retail today. We are also making good progress in exports, mainly to the Scandinavian countries.

A few “fun facts”: Annual consumption:

  • 95,000 kg of tomato paste
  • 85,000 kg of cream
  • 160,000 kg of sugar
  • 75,000 kg of potatoes
  • 1,260,000 kg of spareribs