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Specialised in developing new products with seaweed

Jens Møller Products’ objective is to develop new seaweed based products and to be constantly innovative and to develop.
  • Jens Møller Products A/S
  • Hi-Park 411
  • 7400 Herning
  • Denmark

Back in 1988, Jens Møller wanted to show his children a biology experiment in which a liquid would react with the enzymes found in the seaweed. Unfortunately, Jens Møller did not succeed in impressing his children as the experiment failed. The experiment was packed away in the basement. A couple of days later, Jens Møller was out electro fishing with local anglers. When they caught fish carrying eggs, it dawned on Jens Møller that the result of the failed experiment resembled fish roe – small round pearls. His next thought was whether it was edible. And yes – it was edible and also healthy. Many experiments and taste tests then began in which more than 100 types of seaweed were tested. After a number of years with these experiments, in 1995 Jens Møller was able to open the doors to his company:

Jens Møller Products – and the brand Cavi•art® was created
Cavi•art® is exported to the majority of EU countries and, moreover, to some countries overseas.

The company’s objective is to develop new seaweed based products and to be constantly innovative and to develop.

Cavi•art® (Seaweed Caviar)

A product brand owned by Jens Møller Products. It has a good taste, fine consistency and offers a crisp bite. The size texture and colors are like lumpfish-roe. Cavi-art® is the environmentally conscious alternative to caviar.

You can get this product in various special taste like Wasabi, Chili, ginger, Truffle etc.

within this brand is also the ‘salmon’ immitation roe, which looks and is used like the salmon-roe, though without fish and vegan.


This product is also called Seaweed•pearls while it consist of a shell of seaweed with liquid core of juices, meaning various possibilities.
The following products made from seaweed•pearls are currently developed:

  • Lemon
  • Balsamic
  • Soy
  • Green Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Blood Orange

Seaweed•pearls have a shell of seaweed with an inner liquid core with juice or flavours.

Lemon•pearls have a liquid core of Italian lemon juice. The pearls give a fresh zing to various fish dishes, salads, desserts and drinks.

Balsamic•pearls have a core of balsamic vinegar from Modena in Italy. The pearls have a fantastic concentrated and intense flavour of sweet balsamic and is perfect for various fish dishes and salads. The pearls taste amazing together with strawberries – either in a salad or a dessert.

Soy•pearls with soy from Japan give a delicious salty flavour to starters and main dishes – and add an exciting flavour to various salads. Especially suitable for sushi.

Green Apple, Strawberry and Blood Orange pearls are the newest flavors in the assortment and they all have natural juice inside. These fruit flavors works very well in breakfast with yoghurt, dessert and just to try something new to a hot dish.


NEW innovative product brand owned by Jens Møller Product. This excellent product is a perfect substitute for Masago and Tobiko made of seaweed. It resemble within size, taste, structure and usability, and therefore a products perfectly suited for sushi. Tosago® environmentally conscious vegan alternative to Masago and Tobiko.


Seaweed has undreamed-of possibilities in terms of use and there will undoubtedly be many new exciting products with seaweed as an ingredient on the market in coming years. The trend is clearly seen around in the EU where seaweed is taking up more and more space on the shelves in the supermarkets.

It is very much worth to mention that in all of above products Jens Møller Products are making, there are following advantages:

  • Sustainable
  • Good Flavor, color (natural) and texture.
  • Long Shelf-life.
  • Stabile at ambient temperature. (no need to have them frozen down)
  • Competitive price.
  • Suitable for vegans

and many more….

So if you want to hear more and have further valuable information about Jens Møller Products and their seaweedcaviar which could lead into a cooperation, please feel free to contact them via the contact information to the left.