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nupo ApS

Nupo is the world’s most well documented VLCD brand, with more than 35 individual, clinical studies, documenting the indisputable results.
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The purpose of the Nupo diet is to create the most efficient and responsible diet for you that wishes to kickstart a weight loss. With Nupo Diet, we help you lose weight in a simple and efficient manner. A total diet replacement, low in calories and high in nutritional value. Perfect for you, who wants an efficient and lasting weight loss, or if you want to maintain a sensible lifestyle. Let Nupo help you reach your goal!

The history of Nupo and our products dates back to 1981. The name“Nupo” is a combination of the words; Nutritional Powder = NuPo.
Nupo was developed in 1981, at Hvidovre hospital by leading obesity scientist Dr. Flemming Quaade. Nupo offers diet products for those who want to kickstart and to maintain a stable weight.

The vision is still the same as when Nupo was established: To make diets a positive experience. In the late 1970s, civil engineer Oluf Mørk comes up with the idea for the ideal diet. A diet where you could eat what was forbidden in other diets. A diet that provided the body all the nutrients it needs, but with a minimum number of calories.

Nupo’s products are split into three categories: Diet, One Meal and Slim Boost. The products can be enjoyed separately or can be combined. Nupo is approved by the Ministry of Environment and Food Denmark as a full diet replacement.
This means that you can replace your daily diet, entirely with Nupo Diet products, throughout the diet program.