Webinar: What to be aware of when selling to private label

For this webinar we have two guest speakers for you: Stephen Minall and Barbara Ross.
  • 4. maj 2023
  • 4. maj 2023

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Stephen Minall is one of the few people within the hospitality or retail industry who is closely aligned with current food trends. He not only guides and advises, but he is an entrepreneur with extensive experience within retail and foodservice operations. As one of the owners of Moving Food, a food market development agency working with retail and catering, he has helped launch dozens of new food concepts in the UK.

Barbara Ross will tell us what we as producers should be aware of when selling to M&S + ASDA (private label and brands). She will also tell us how the future looks, trends etc. She has an unrivalled palette, an encyclopedic understanding of food and food trends, but most importantly she is passionate about food quality. She is a highly creative, driven and innovative food specialist with substantial experience in retailing new product development, food manufacturing and project management.

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