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The restaurant’s delicious salad bar for all private homes.

  • TheSaladbar
  • Mellemvej 18
  • 8800 Viborg
  • Denmark

  1. A world news on the market – never seen before and without cannibalizing other products – must be added to the top of the bottom line – be the first.
  2.  Offer your customers to avoid food waste – long shelf life, make everyday life easier with food prep, get the whole family to eat healthy with pick and choose and much more…
  3. Has sold more than 100,000 times in Denmark

TheSaladbar makes it easy to store, prepare and serve fruit and vegetables for the whole family. The inviting salad bar we know from the restaurant now moves into the fridge and turns the daily challenge into a healthy pleasure.

  • 8 or 4 separate and removable boxes of 1 litre
  • Lid with oxygen adjustment and boxes with condensate drains optimally extend shelf life
  • Machine washable

Prepare, store and serve
The eight specially designed storage boxes ensure that moisture and condensation are in limited contact with the fruit and vegetables. The lid separates the contents and has oxygen adjustment, so the food can last for several days.

Store TheSaladbar in the fridge, take it out on the table, remove the lid, and there is a take-your-own salad bar for the whole company.

When necessary, the dishwasher handles the cleaning.