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Taste of Peru

The staple cuisine of a magical land: Peruvian salsas and corn kernels
  • Taste of Peru
  • Rustrupvej 26A
  • 8653 Them
  • Denmark

Chili is the DNA of Peruvian cuisine – there are more than 300 different kinds. That doesn’t mean Peruvian food is necessarily strong – it’s just always flavorful. For me, it’s about turning up the aromas, but preferably down the heat. In this spirit, together with the renowned Peruvian chef Jonathan Guardia, I have developed Taste of Latin America’s own salsas, the UKU series, which are an indispensable part of the basic Peruvian cuisine.

Our three UKU chili pastes are developed according to traditional recipes, but with a touch of mildness. You will find them in yellow and in two red versions. And it is of course important that it is done exactly right – every foodie knows that. Therefore, they are free of potato/maize starch and similar ‘fillings’ – the real thing.

Under our own brand, you will also find the traditional Peruvian skechule corn kernels, which are needed to make a real Peruvian ceviche, as well as large white corn, which is used in a wide variety of Latin American soups and stews.