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Sweetnorth ApS

“I want the flødebolle to be a gathering point and something that is …meant to be shared”
  • Sweetnorth ApS
  • Holmevej 10
  • 5683 Haarby
  • Denmark


The history of SweetNorth starts in 2018, after several years of development of a organic high quality foam kisses in our founder’s (Michael Larsen) own kitchen. Since the beginning, we have been innovating new foam kisses and consolidating our position as your preferred supplier of high quality foam kisses, based on excellent taste and Danish traditions. If you ask Michael, why he has dedicated his love to foam kisses, you will get a very simple and honest answer: “because I love high quality foam kisses. I want my foam kisses to be without compromises and available to everyone”. Michael further describes why quality is so important to him: “everyone deserves the best quality and as a father myself, I highly care about what my own children eat. That is the reason why our foam kisses are made with the best ingredients and of course are organic”.


At SweetNorth, we produce all our foam kisses from the finest raw ingredients. We use chocolate from Callebaut and natural ingredients in our foam – for example we use real vanilla powder in our classic coconut variant.

A part of our DNA is that we develop. And we do this every day. Therefore, our assortment is continuously developed. This keep us ahead in the competition and ensures we can always offer our customers the best opportunities. That’s why we, for example, can offer our customers a vegan foam kiss, based on proteins from potatoes, which ensures the good taste and also unique shelf life (12 month at frozen condition).

Furthermore, we have a specific assortment for occasions such as Easter and Christmas filled with traditional Danish tastings.

Our vision is that everything is possible, and therefore there is not a problem or task which cannot be solved. Do you have a specific need, or do you just want a customized solution (with our brand or your own) – just contact us, we would love to help you.