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Brew better beer

Our mission is to Brew Better Beer through the use of State of the Art brewing technology infused with passion and craftmanship.
  • Skanderborg Bryghus A/S
  • Danmarksvej 17
  • 8660 Skanderborg
  • Denmark

About Skanderborg Bryghus
Skanderborg Bryghus is a relative new player on the craftbeer market but can actually be dated back to the hobby-craft brewery called Nonnebjerg, founded by a group of seven youngsters who started brewing beer in the basement many years ago. In 2015 the once youngsters decided to fulfill the idea they had been playing with for some time – the establishment of a craft brewery in Skanderborg, which by that time had been absent in almost a hundred years.

In 2015 Skanderborg Bryghus A/S raised capital by selling shares to the local community and hence a dream had come true. Skanderborg Bryghus bought an old building, invested in a small batch sized brewery and started brewing beer. Furthermore, the people behind decided that the brewery should be run by volunteers – from brewing the beer to selling it. The brewery soon experinced a high demand for the beer and running on full capacity the board of directors decided to expand once again but this time the ambitions were even higher – they wanted the brewery to be in the forefront of all micro breweries.

Once again, new capital was raised and again it was the local community who took lead with a few larger investors securing the final foundation for continuing the expansion. A major investment in a state-of-the-art brewery took form and by forming local partnerships with GEA and Damstahl the best ever foundation for succes for the brewery was once again at place, and in return Skanderborg Bryghus is now a working show-room. At present the brewery are in the midst of installing the new brewery which is going operational the 1st of January.

For more information about our new brewery we recommend to read the article in Scandinavian Brewers Review

The Future
The future is here meaning that we are entering a whole new business area namely contract brewing. We want every craft brewer in Denmark, the Nordic Countries – well anyone who is interested in having us helping them with the brewing – having the same prerequisites as us to brew beer. Therefore, we offer fellow brewers to brew beer at our brewery in the following batch sizes 4.000, 8.000 and 12.000 liters just as we offer to take care of every aspect from procurement of ingredients and related materials to storing of the beer until release. With a capacity of 4. mio liters of beer per year, and with the option to expand brewing capacity even further, we have room for plenty more partners to come and join us.

Our Beers:
Skanderborg Bryghus brews a wide range of beer – from the darkest Imperial Stout to the light delicate Mexican inspired Sobrero. For our full range of beers see here and be aware that availability might change to seasons.