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The responsible choice

At Skagerak Salmon A/S we wish to be the customers’ preferred supplier in the global market for value added fresh and frozen salmon and salmon trout products.
  • Skagerak Salmon A/S
  • Herluf Trollesvej 14
  • 9850 Hirtshals
  • Denmark

We specialize in fulfilling our customers’ demands and developing custom made product solutions in cooperation with our customers.

We source only the best raw material from Norway, Scotland and Iceland. Strategically, we are well located at the port area of Hirtshals with easy access to raw material from our suppliers and good highway infrastructure for terminal deliveries at ports and airports, as well as customer destinations across Europe.

At Skagerak Salmon A/S we produce high quality products for both retailers and wholesalers worldwide. Due to our modern, state of the art production facilities and high capacity, we are able to efficiently carry out both small and large scale productions and at the same time meet specific customer demands. We can offer our customers not only traditional wholesale bulk packaging, but also IVP, chain, MAP, and skin packaging suitable for the retail business.

We focus on food quality and food safety. We acknowledge our customer demands for quality assurance, traceability and sustainability throughout the whole supply chain. Therefore, Skagerak Salmon A/S is BRC, ASC, and Global Gap certified. Also, we fulfil the food standards individually developed by international retail chains like Carrefour and Tesco.

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We wish to give the best possible service to all our customers and suppliers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!