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High quality cooking stock, made in michelin quality

Our aim is very simple: we want to add a real depth of flavor and umami to ordinary people’s culinary creations.
  • Sauce Umami ApS
  • Byvej 39
  • 2650 Hvidovre
  • Denmark

About our Sauce Umami

Sauce Umami “Haute Cuisine” stocks are the first 100% authentic cooking stocks in made Michelin quality, to be presented to the European retail market. Cooking stocks prepared exactly like a chef would do it in his own kitchen. The 100 % natural ingredients are simmered in open vats for a minimum of 20 hours, and are based on absolutely fresh vegetables, herbs and the best beef bones possible.

Its real food made from real ingredients. The stocks are afterward simmering reduced to a concentrate, which make them very easy to use for the ordinary consumers – without professional chef’s properties, and make all foodies able to produce their own dishes or gourmet sauces at the highest level possible.

A free-from product!

The stocks from Sauce umami are, of course, gluten-free, and without any artificial color, e-number, additives, or seasonings, such as MSG, yeast extract, added salt, etc. and the stocks will be labeled as a 100 % clean label product.

Sauce Umami product range

  • Free range beef stock
  • Veal stock
  • Free range chicken stock
  • Lobster stock
  • Vegetable stock
  • Free range duck stock.

The stocks have excellent shelf life up to whole 18 month and no cooling demand. The stocks are packed in 300 ml. stand up pouches.

Today there does’nt exist qualitatively stocks similar to sauce umami’s stocks products in the stocks category, in retail business. Therefore it is possible to make very good sales with the products due to the growing interest of home cooking with better raw materials and the continued increased convenience needs of consumers.

Other delicious stocks

Sauce umami (Great Taste Company Ltd.) also offer high quality premade stock based sauces, and we are very proud to introduce the first pre made authentic sauce béarnaise made with butter and eggs yolks, and without additives.

“Stock, is the foundation of all cooking. Without a true foundation, nothing can be done in a kitchen! If a stock is good, the rest of the cooking is easy. If a stock is poor or even mediocre, it is hopeless to expect anything close to a tasty meal.” – Auguste Escoffier 1903.